Awww Crap, It’s Been Forever

Well, it’s been forever since I have posted anything here. My business and business related blog is taking off and has taken up most of my time as of late. So, I am still going to try to post once a week here with something valuable. My post tonight is clothing related. Remember when Torrid first came on the scene? I used to refer to it as, “Hot Topic for the Portly Gal.” Well, a few years ago Torrid decided to completely revamp their entire line, stores, and website leaving their original fans wanting but keeping some of the “edge” items on the site. Now, we have nada except for the occasional graphic tee or piece of jewelry. Grrrr!

Today I came across a site that seems to carry clubwear and items similar to the old Torrid. I haven’t ordered from them, but I plan to.

Here ya go:

Until next time…