WLS Ignorance and Drama Junkies on the Net

Late last week there was a bit of drama on a closed weight loss group I belong to on Facebook. My ex-husband is kicking ass and taking names on his weight loss as part of a local radio contest. This person (who was a friend of someone we knew in the group) proceeded to attempt to steal his thunder on a four pound weight loss and then went on a very ignorant rant about him destroying his liver with such a significant weight loss. When I presented scientific evidence that showed such liver damage occurs with crash diets, people limiting their fiber and water intake, etc., she then proceeded to provide highly inaccurate information regarding Weight Loss Surgery (WLS). If you have been through the WLS process, then you know the type: citing information that is 25 years old, “I know someone who knows someone who died from it,” or statistics that compare healthy adults with obese ones who have comorbidities.

If you know me, then you know that you better bring your A game when trying to convince me of something that is grounded in ignorance, but most especially when that ignorance insults one of my family members. FYI- before spouting your gospel of weight loss, get your facts straight and back it up with CURRENT medical studies and not rumors you have heard from a friend of a friend or information that is completely outdated. In addition, don’t hijack someone’s celebratory posting for your own need to hear your own voice and stir up that big pot of chaos you cling to.

Finally, if you get called on your BS by one of the moderators or if you find that your argument doesn’t hold water, don’t be a wuss and delete what you said. Deletion shows everyone that not only do you know you are wrong, but are weak and can’t suck it up and own up to your rudeness and apologize to those involved. So, to Mr. Bear I say, “Yay You,” on your weight loss and good riddance to bad rubbish.


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