Skip Resolutions= GOOOOOOAAAL!

Now is the time of year that everyone makes resolutions that are at times nearly impossible to complete. The majority of them center around weight loss and health and typically, people just dive in to the deep end on January 2nd and by about January 30th give up. Traditional resolutions set us up for failure, because we often forget to do them in steps. When you go at a resolution at full boar right from the get go, you don’t: give your body a chance to work up to that 30 – 60 minutes of exercise you haven’t been doing: give your brain a chance to make that activity; that food you want to eliminate; that water you want to increase; etc. a habit.

Look at your resolution as a goal, creating steps toward improvement and give it time to become a habit. If you have been sedentary, instead of jumping in to a spin class three times a week, start off with walking for 15 minutes 3 times a week for the first week and increase it each week until your reach your ultimate exercise goal. If your goal is to eliminate caffeine from your diet, don’t drop it all in one day or else you are going to be miserable. Begin by decreasing a specific amount for a week until you are no longer dependent on it. As the therapist in “What About Bob?” said, “Baby steps.” Baby steps are the key to long term success and tend to prevent burnout and boredom.

What are my goals for 2011? Track everything that goes into my mouth, work with my doctors to create an exercise program I can do without a lot of pain, and complete a revised business plan to gain some financial capital in order to advertise my business resulting in increased wedding and event bookings. I know I can’t jump in to this and the hardest one for me will be tracking. It’s something I hate to do, but know that my long term weight loss success depends on it. With that I say, “HAPPY NEW YEAR ALL!”

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