Healthy Holiday Goodies

I love to bake. No, really I LOVE TO BAKE!!! I have fond memories of spending the week before Christmas baking with my Mom and sisters. See the rockin’ 70s pic below from my family heirloom recipe book. I’m the ridiculously cute blond on the right (I think I was 3 or 4 in this pic).

However, despite my butt growing wider in adulthood and despite that I have embarked on serious weight loss journey these past two years (125 pounds lost), I am still going to bake. However, I am going to significantly reduce not just the quantity of what I bake, but also the fat and sugar that are in my traditional goodies.

Revamp #1: Goo Pie. I know it sounds like nothing you’d want to eat, but you know that delicious caramelized goo that’s in a pecan pie? That’s the makings of a Goo Pie. Basically, you make it like a traditional pecan pie, but leave out the nuts. This year, it’s going to be a Goo Custard. Leave out the crust, use reduced sugar corn syrup (I found it at King Soopers aka Kroger aka Ralphs) and put it in to ramekins.

Revamp #2: Sugar Cookies are the cornerstone to an Incredible Shrinking Fattie family Christmas. My eldest sister, Sandy (in the middle of the pic above) and I have had a friendly sugar cookie rivalry for as long as I can remember. I will concede that Sandy is the Queen of Sugar Cookies in our family. She knows how to get them perfectly crispy and they just melt in your mouth. Excuse me as I pause to wipe drool from my mouth. This year, I will be trying out a highly rated Whole Wheat Sugar Cookie recipe: As for the decorations, I will be using a cream cheese icing made by mixing fat free cream cheese with a little vanilla, milk for consistency, and Splenda instead of sugar.

Revamp #3: Dream Wafers are what my ex-husband requests me to bake every year (ex-husband? Yep, we are still great friends and we spend the holidays together with our significant others and our kiddo). Dream Wafers are a sandwich cookie made from two thin rounds of shortbread and a bit of filling in between (traditionally frosting). This year, I will be making them with regular Smart Balance and a little butter flavor via this recipe: (scroll down for the shortbread recipe). For the frosting, I will be doing the cream cheese frosting recipe mentioned above with a thicker consistency and mint extract.

Revamp #4: Truffles. Keep your truffles on the healthy side by using semisweet or dark chocolate chips. Then, instead of heavy cream, use cream cheese such as this recipe:

My final recipe requires no revamping and comes from that healthy cooking wonder, Linda, of Eating Well Living Thin…molasses ginger cookies:

So, instead of depriving yourself of holiday goodies or throwing in the towel and eating all of that high fat high sugar stuff, try revamping your family recipes. Make it a family affair. The holidays don’t have to result in weight gain and sugar coma.



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