Bowel Prep, It’s the shit!

So, my dear readers, I am doing the inevitable.  That which those who have gone before me have described as worse than RNY surgery itself.  BOWEL PREP!  Dun dun duuuuuuun.  I have taken the Dulcolax and am awaiting Magnesium Citrate goodness.  Oh and lets not forget that dignity stripping procedure…the ENEMA.  Good times kids, good times.

I’ve also been through the proverbial emotional breakdown that one has prior to surgery.  Three days ago I was a crying mess reviewing every poor decision I have made and every regret I have in my 34 years of life.  I was a crying mess and thankfully, my family helped me through it.

Speaking of family, I think I have the best family in the world.  Not only do I have a wondermous boyfriend who has helped me through this entire process, but an ex-husband who is my best friend and helps me and listens to me whenever I’m crazy and irrational.  Then there are my other best friends who take on the task of support and taking care of my kiddo while I’m in the hospital.  I am very blessed…VERY blessed.

So, this will be a short post as I have a bottle of lemon lime magnesium citrate with my name on it.  WOOT!


Why fattie?

I hope that you have read my about section so that you can get to know me a bit better.  I thought about making my first post an intro, but I figure it’s best to just get to the point.

I am less than one week from having my anatomy rearranged in order to get rid of the remaining weight I have to lose- about 150 pounds.  150 pounds!  That’s an entire person.  Some times it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around the fact that I abused my body to the point where I need to lose an entire person.  You know that saying about their being a thin girl inside a fat body?  Yep, just take that literally with regard to this fattie.

Hold the phone!  Did you just call yourself “fattie?”  You bet I did.  Listen, fat is not a dirty word.  If you are fat, OWN it.  You can own your fatness and do something to improve it.  You can still love yourself even when you are fat.  You can accept yourself for being fat.  In my opinion, this is the first step toward getting your life on track.  Accept who you are right now at this very moment.  Then you can begin to improve.